Just touching base:

Unless you have the TV and Radio turned off permanently, you are highly aware that the Stock Market is in Turmoil.

How is this affecting Mortgages?  Is now a good time to Buy a Home, ​Refinance ​or Sell?​

Recently, the Federal Reserve “Raised Rates.”    HOWEVER, the Mortgage Market for Rates is a freely traded market.  Thus, it does not have a direct correlation to the Fed moves.

So, in a nutshell, Mortgage Rates can actually go Lower, even when the Fed “Raises Rates.”   And, this is exactly what has happened!  

THE RESULT:  We currently have a Buying, Selling, ​and Refi opportunity!    Buying a home when Rates are lower can save you literally Tens of Thousands of Dollars on your mortgage payments.   And, in the medium to long run, a dip in Rates generally pushes home prices​ higher.   If you have been considering Buying ​or Selling ​a Home, now is the time to ACT !

Additionally, several new low-rate, low-down-payment programs are available to help Buyers of any Price Range.  This helps properties to sell as well. . . Now is the time!​

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