Oro Valley is home to many different types of trails. There are trails made for hiking, walking, skating, bicycle riding, and horseback riding, and they’re meant to allow us to get closer to the nature that is right outside our doors, but feels so far away at times. How many times have you driven down the road and looked up to notice the amazing mountains in front of you, realizing you forgot about them because you were caught up in your day to day life? Some of these trails are paved while others are rocky, some are made for the inexperienced hiker and others require a bit of skill. No matter where you land or what you’re looking for, there is a trail for you to hike in Oro Valley.


Romero Pools

This 6 mile long trail ends with a gorgeous view of natural pools during certain times of the year. This may not be for the beginner, but no matter what level you’re at bring drinking water during this hike (and every hike you take in Arizona!).

Pima Canyon Trail

Located just outside of Oro Valley, Pima Canyon Trail is one that anyone can hike. There is a parking lot at the start of the trail and you can easily pack a lunch and plan on spending all day on the trails.

Catalina State Park

There are several different trails in this area for you to choose from, and you can even bring your dog along for the hike. Do be careful of what time of year you decide to bring your dogs though, as you should be aware of which desert critters are out.

Honeybee Canyon Loop Trail

Some of the best views of the Catalinas are from Honeybeee Canyon Loop Trail. Hiking of all different levels is available, as well as a single track mountain biking experience.

The combination of the desert and the mountains make for beautiful and stunning views all around Oro Valley and its many trails. Take advantage of the beauty around you, even just for an afternoon.