Arizona's Fly-In Communities: La Cholla Airpark (Livestock, Wildlife May Be Present On Runway) 

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Cessna Corvalis TT: Mike in Tucson Residential Mortgage and RefinanceArizona has at least 10 #Fly-InCommunities. 

Oro Valley's La Cholla Airpark, located 20 miles northwest of downtown Tucson, is one of these.

La Cholla Airpark: Mike in Tucson

This photo of the final approach to La Cholla Airpark's runway is featured on their home page, along with a disclaimer (under the tab "Pilot/Airport Information) that says the following:

Mule deer doe:  Mike in TucsonUse Extreme caution on the final approach to verify that the runway environment is free of animals, vehicles and other potential hazards.  Helicopters, livestock, wildlife may be present.

This, after all, is Arizona!  The Airpark's home page paints an attractive mental image of the lifestyle offered at La Cholla Airpark:

At #LaChollaAirpark, residents live with their planes, horses and abundant wildlife around a 4,500' paved and lighted runway.  The Airpark is 20 miles northwest of Tucson, AZ and set on 1.5 sections, or about 1,000 acres.  All lots are a minimum 7 acres.


Homes for sale in a private residential airpark

A private residential airpart is a very specialized kind of real estate.  The realtor featured on La Cholla Airpark's home page, #PeggyFuenning, understands that.  She lives on the #Airpark!

Homes listed for sale on #LaChollaAirpark's home page range in price from $590,000 for an exquisite 2 BR 2 BA home on 8 acres to $5,900,000 for a 6,700 SF estate on nearly 32 acres.